Care cats

Every animals, like people, have to take care of their hygiene. This allows them to function normally in the environment. People as guardians of their pets need to help them with it.

Cats care of their hygiene by themselves. They wash and lick their fur. But this is not enough. Each pet need to have brushed it's hair by using special equipment such as brushes and combs. It does not matter if it is a pure breed cat or not.

Shorthair cats need brushing once a week. Longhair cats need much more attention. They need to be brushed every day. This will help to prevent matting of hair what ends up with cutting off the hair. Brushing your cat will avoid swallowing the fur, which is the cause of interference digestibility. Additional thing we should pay attention to is hygiene of the cat's ears. When we notice an excess of earwax, we should remove it as soon as possible. A swab can help us with this and a suitable fluid, which can be purchased at a pet store.

We also have to take care of your pet's eyes. If you notice any discharge, it must be removed immediately. Your attention should be paid to the cat's teeth. If you believe that your pet holds the tartar, you should go to a veterinary to remove it. You can prevent this situation by brushing the cat's teeth with a dedicated brush and toothpaste. The last thing is to care about claws. Cats are animals who take care of their nails, but it can happen a situation where we have to help them. Scissors and cutters will help in cropping it.