How to teach your cat to walk on a leash?

Anyone who has a cat knows that it is a very curious animals. They value the freedom and independence, but if we want to go outside with it, then letting him alone is not a good idea. Especially if you live in a big city, and a lot of wild cats are living there. Therefore, a leash may be a good idea!

To make a cat get used to walk on leash need a little patience. Cats are trained much more slowly and reluctantly than dogs, so get ready for this well.

First, buy a comfortable and lightweight leash. Shops offer a nice variety of these accessories. Choose one with safety mechanism. Instead collar, choose for braces. You will not pull on your kitten's throat.

To get your cat used to them, put purchased accessories next to his den. For several days, the pet should get used to the way they look and smell. After this period of adjustment, just before the standard feeding time, put a harness on a cat. Keep in mind that they are should not be too tight - you should easily be able to put between them two fingers. After the meal is eaten by cat in braces, pat the cat, but not take off the new gadget from it. Even if the cat will try to remove it by rolling from side to side, try to distract him.

Only when the cat will feel confident in braces, remove them, and repeat the process for a few days. Remember, that each day, cat should wear braces a little longer.

The next step is to attach a leash. In the meantime, do not try walk the cat on it, just allow the pet to walk around the house pulling the leash behind. Always reward the cat for its progress. When, after a few days, you will see that your kitten is ready for the first test, walk with him on a leash around the house. Absolutely do not pull the cat and do not force the direction of its movement. Leads should hang loosely. Also, this phase should last for several days.

It's time for learning to walk behind you. Talk to him and gently pull on the leash - but do not do it by force. When you notice that your cat is upset, give him a moment to calm down.

After a few days of practice, you can go outside. Start with short walks in quiet surroundings just to not scare the cat. During each walks extend the route for a new place. Cat will get used to the new smells, sights and objects.

Please note, that under no circumstances, do not rush the cat. Do not yell at him and show him all the patience. Valuable guidance to those, who have two cats, is to start learning to walk on a leash from the cat, who has more power. The other cat will imitate their "leader", and thus, it will achieve this skill faster.