Hunting Instinct of a cat

Even a brief observation of the cat is enough to reach a conclusion that cat is actually designed for hunting. Construction of the body and the senses, which nature had endowed him, are the embodiment of a predator. For many millions of years of evolution, hunter instinct in cats has been saved.

Cat is a natural born hunter. This is due to their innate hunting instincts that have survived all the years of evolution and preserved to this day with the features of the perfect predator. Preserved not only by wild cats,but also those domesticated. Therefore, each cat must be able " to hunt ", if only for a plush mouse or a paper ball, during home games.

His hidden claws enable fast gear, lessons and are a great tool to capture the victim or to climb. Cats constantly sharpen them, so you should have in your home a scratching stump that makes this possible. In this way you protect your furniture from scratching. The tail helps to balance in each stroke and the fast-moving and walking on a narrow fence – it is used as a kind of rudder. Highly developed senses - sight (seeing perfectly well after dark), hearing (with the help of which distinguishes even the most subtle sound), touch (whiskers - sensory whiskers, allowing to find themselves in the surrounding environment - are located above the eyes, on the cheeks, chin and feet). The cat has a very developed muscles and tendons that move his front legs, which exceptional mobility is provided by shoulder joint. The flexibility is further enhanced by lack of shoulders in the shoulder waist. Extremely flexible spine allows long strides during the course, and the reversals of the body during the jump to always fall on their feet.Excellent cat 's sense of balance is due the construction of the inner ear.

Cat walks on tiptoes, and during the run his paws have little contact with the ground. It is not resistant to physical exercise too long, so the hunt is based on long-term, careful observation of the victim, and then a short and most effective attack. Cat is distinguished from other species of remarkable agility and speed of movement. In home living cats, that ability can be seen during the " hunt " for a fly that flies through the window, or a drop of rain trickling down the glass.