Maine Coon - hair care

Maine Coon is a breed of cat with long hair, especially on the tail. They do not have too dense undercoat and threfore their hair is fairly easy to maintain. It is enough that we brush the cat in one - two days a week.

Maine Coon Cats have long hair, especially on the tail, and like others it need care. Despite a long and dense fur daily brushing is not necessary, because the Maine Coon does not have too thick undercoat. Once - twice a week is enough. Brushing start from the head to the tail and from the neck to the belly. During the exchange of hair that Maine Coon have wice a year, in spring and autumn, beauty treatments in the form of brushing can be used more often. In this time we can avoid hair at home, and the cat will not be licking a large amount of hair, resulting in the formation of hairballs (very dangerous for the cat digestive tract). To brush use a metal comb (not too thick) or a brush with natural bristles. Do not cast off or lint hair. Do not brush a TAIL - hair removed from the tail grows back up to a year. The tail can be powdered delicate and combed gently with a soft brush or fingers.

Particular attention should be paid to the hair under the armpits, where hair quite often tangles. Small tangles can be easily brushed but large ones we can only cut out.

Combing a cat, in addition to the hygienic or aesthetic values, plays an important role in building (closer) relationship with the owner. It is best to get used the cat to comb from birth. Kittens often treat it as fun, but when they grow up they treat ritual of brushing as a daily activity. When a cat gets upset when combing some of the places we go back to those favourites, and then back to these troublesome. Be sure not to do anything by force, yet we can always return to the combing of spots that this time we were unable to brush.