Maine Coon - the origin

Many legends and stories surrounds the origin of the Maine Coon. Some are the result of search for similarities in their appearance to other species, others refer to the travellers - cat lovers. The most possible hypothesis is that which speaks of the natural evolution of cats in Europe.

There are many myths and legends about origin of this breed that do not have a scientific basis. One of them talks about the intersection of wild cats with a raccoon, after which the Maine Coon would inherit a beautiful, fluffy, tabby tail characteristic to both species. However, from the genetic point of view, such a cross is not possible. Another speaks of the hybrid of the lynx, as evidence would be characteristic tufts on the tips of the ears. But it is also only a legend. Another speaks of a hybrid of a Shorthaired Cat, brought by pioneers from Europe with Angora cats of New England. Next legend mentions Captain Cooni - a great lover of long-haired cats (Persians, Angora), who sailed along the coasts of New England, and when nailed to the shore, the cats were coming down with him to the shore. People have said to them - Coon cats. And much, much more ...

However, the most probable hypothesis is the evolution of European shorthair cat that have been brought to America by early settlers. Due to the severe climate of America 's feline phenotype was changing in order to adapt to the new conditions. Survived only individuals most resistant and best suited, and so, on through the natural evolution, Maine Coon breed was created. .

Cats of this breed became more and more popular among the people, and in 1860 for the first time were presented at the exhibition. In 1895,the Maine Coon won on the show in the United States. They dominated the shows for over 40 years. Then left on the back burner, it was even said about their extinction, which of course turned out to be untrue (fortunately for all lovers of this breed).

In 1976, Maine Coon was inscribed on the list of recognized breeds of Cat Fanciers' Association,and recognized by Canadians for their national breed. In 1983, the Maine Coon has been recognized by the FIFe ( Federacion Internationale Feline).

In Poland, Maine Coon was allowed to breed since 1997, and is one of the most popular breeds of cats.