Siamese Cats

In today's busy times, we often wonder whether it would be worthwhile to have a pet. Usually considerations of adults, if they are not fans of terrarium or aquarium, are focusing on the choice between a dog and a cat.

Many people have a strong preference for dogs over cats, indicating that they are more communicative, like to spend time with the owner, have fun and above all they respond to the call. Conducive to stereotype picture are already famous story of The Simon 's Cat, in which the owner can not completely communicate with his pupil. Garfield instilled in the masses believe that, cat is a silent, vicious animal, which is not prone to please the owner or to higher interactions.

Nothing could be more wrong! For those who dream of a dog,but because of work and travel are not able to take this responsibility, we have a solution! Siamese Cats. Contrary to popular opinion about cats this breed by personality is remarkably similar to the dogs. Siamese are sociable and pleasant, playful and need a lot of contact with the owner. They come as called, fetch toys with delight, willingly going out on a leash - do not you have the impression that you read about a dog ?

The big plus of Siamese cats is that they can be left alone for even a few days. You do not need to take them to walk, so irregular job of the owner is not a problem. It is important, that when we're at home, to giving them time and attention, scratch behind the ear or in the stomach, to talk. Yes, exactly - to talk, because Siamese cats love to talk with the owner, and their meows may be affirmative, interrogative and even imperative! These dogs in the cat skin are an ideal alternative for all who live in big cities and dreaming about barking quadruped. You do not want to believe? And yet believe!