When a new member of the family appears...

A new member of the family means new accessories and gadgets. What is absolutely necessary, and what is just a nice option that should be considered? A comfortable place to sleep, something to eat,toys ... preparing your home for the appearance of a cat is a serious thing!

Let's start with the basics, the food. To keep cats healthy and provide him with all necessary nutrients necessary for proper development you need to select the appropriate food. Cats should not eat what people do, there are even products that cat absolutely should not eat (though it sometimes demands for it), including chocolate. Cat food purchased at a pet store should be changed from time to time. It is also important that the food was not cold (if food is stored in the refrigerator, it is necessary to take it out before serving). Instead of milk, which is not appropriate for cats, animals should have access to fresh water .

From eating is pretty "close" to the theme of the litter box.Litter box, that provides comfort and cleanliness will be convenient not only for the cat, but also for us. Replacing the litter is, after all, not a challenge. Pet shops offer various types of litter boxes, from the simplest, open litter box, to those which provide the cat with "intimacy.We will not discuss whether cat actually needs it. However, it should be noted that covered type will have more aesthetically pleasing look. Important is also the choice of litter – there are litters absorbing odours available and even special deodorants for litter boxes.

If you plan to going out with your cat, you will also need to purchase a harness and leash or lead. They are much finer and smaller than those designed for dogs. Being outside is certainly a fascinating experience and expertise for our cat. And we can be confident that the kitten will not run away.

To transport the cat for long distances, you should buy a transporter box. It will facilitate travel by car - cat will not be storming in the car with panic.

Sharpening claws is in the nature of a cat. To avoid scratching our furniture, you will need to ensure that the pet has appropriate toys. Especially good for scratching. Those more extended, will have even a fantastic shelter and small circuit area. Multilevel scratching poles are certainly far better than our couch.

It is also worth to buy other toys. Soft, plush toys and special teethers with sound, remote mouse, colourful feathers on the rod. It is important to ensure your cat with movement, and also be able to join in the fun.

If you are looking for unusual gadgets for your cat, a nice option would be radiator hammock or small, wicker sofa. This is not only a convenience for your cat,but a great gadget adorning our home. Your pet shop can also offer special cushions for cats, filled with special blends of herbs. They encourage your cat to play, so we can be sure that our kitten will not reach the size of Garfield, but thanks to the activity it will keep the joy and activity. Among these original toys we can even find a ball that is filled with dry food – cat, in order to get to the food, has to perform a specific task to free the food. This combination of fun and learning thrives intelligence of our kitten.

Completing all necessary for our cat to be not only healthy, but also happy, requires a bit of effort. Checking out an offer of pet store, you can choose something that will fit perfectly into our (and cat) requirements and will no empty our pockets.