Common sense view to dogs diseases

In many parts of the world records of popularity has a tv show – "Dog Whisperer" - the program of Cesar Millan managed to get a nomination for an Emmy Reward twice - the Oscars in the world of television.

The show and its creator himself, who is also a famous dog behaviourist, not only shows how really, in fact, be the leader of your pet, but also induces the cessation of the use of veterinary advice psychiatrists - who are only able to answer to canine diseases with a variety of psychiatric pharmaceuticals.

Many people now embraces the dogs from the shelter. Such information as presented in the 'Dog Whisperer', can certainly be helpful when raising a nice and docile pooch.

He says without embarrassing – that is not the way, and people obviously like it. But if pharmaceutical and veterinary psychiatry likes it? - it's hard to say because no one did not ask them yet.

It is true that the "imaginary" mental illnesses of dogs bring hefty profits for pharmaceutical companies, and interfering with this sooner or later will not please them. This does not mean that animals (including dogs) do not tend to have diseases and disorders. The thing is that, as proved once by Native Americans called "The Horse Whisperers" and now by Cesar Millan - the animals are animals and have animal approach to many things. Meanwhile, many people expect from such a dog - a typical human behaviour. Achieving this is impossible and many people do not understand it and see as a disorder. To avoid this, you can just follow the example of schools.

There is no other way, because for example stuffing a hyperactive dog with drugs will not cure it with hyperactivity, but only will dull his senses to the point that it can be depressed and will lose its general sense of just being a dog.

Dog Obedience School teaches listening to instructions, and the owner – the skill of clear reference and enforcement of the commands. Meanwhile conjurers school teaches mainly understanding the functioning of the dog (it is also applicable to many other animals including horses), at the level of being a dog. Then a dog owner can approach the animal without special forcing anything by a "carrot" or a "stick".

The problem is that while there are relatively a lot of dog trainers, so coller Dog whispers are almost non existent. Therefore, it may be a reason why the "Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic has become so very popular in Poland and around the world.

Interestingly, this title "dog whisperer" uses mainly the so-called intuitive knowledge, although he is trained in the field of animal training. This approach is rare in the culture of the twentieth century and on the threshold of the current twenty-first century. However, it was obvious and natural especially in the culture of ancient civilizations - but also in the current residual culture of Native Americans of both Americas.