Dog Walkers

Most dog owners know that there are hotels for dogs where you can leave your pet for the duration of your business trip or holiday. But what to do when your dog needs to be alone for more than a few hours and do not have anyone with family or friends who could go at that time to take a walk?

In Europe has for long time been popular among dog owners a service that is - dog walking offered by professional dog walkers. Now also in Poland, we can find a person who, if necessary, will take our pet for safe, active walk.

On the internet there are many websites which offer many animal keepers (pet sitters). Choosing a guardian for your dog does not follow the low price of services. Especially in the case of outputting the dog for a walk, when you entrust a stranger with keys to your apartment better think carefully selecting the right and trustworthy caregiver. What to look for? First of all, the knowledge, the experience and the ability to read the recommendations of other customers! Care of their own and other people's dogs are two different situations because the mere assertion that one has to deal with animals for years in his home because the dogs are "always" should not be enough. Before we give of the keys to our apartment to the walker, read his or documents and prepare the contract in which the personal data of guardian will be writen down, along with responsibilities and duties.

Dog owners are often surprised to react to the information about the dog walkers because walking the dog is a pleasure, so why someone else to pay for it. Usually, it's true but ... All the happy owner of the dog, if only thinks back, he can remember a situation which he would have welcomed the help of someone who can take your dog for a walk. The circumstances may be different, sudden business trip,prolonged time spent in work, family event or disease. Sometimes it can be just nasty weather, frost or rain, you do not want to leave home or a weekend when we would just sleep longer ... In such cases, it is useful to have to call someone and ask for help.