Feeding your beloved pet

Deciding to buy an animal, we have to consider our well-being and health status of potential pet. Good health is based primarily on a diet rich in nutrients properly chosen and adapted to their needs.

The majority of people deciding to take care about an animal, chooses a dog or a cat, which is why manufacturers of foods and treats for the animals, such as Pedigree and Whiskas, earn a lot of money each year. Ubiquitous advertisements convince us of great taste and quality of these products. Most of them contain high-value ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, which have a positive impact on the health of your pet.

In addition to popular brands available in every supermarket, at pet stores and specialist shops for dogs and cats, you can buy food of less known manufacturers, with higher quality, suitable for the age and breed of the dog. Most of it are bought by breeders, for whom animals are a source of income. These food is very convenient because the animal can receive substantial food, and we are not forced to prepare special meals for an additional household member. But often you ask yourself if the convenience and ease of preparation is worth the price? Maybe it's better to use a cheaper solution and cook for animals and keep food in the pots? Then we have the certainty of what ingredients is food for your pet prepared and the diet is more balanced.

After dogs and cats second choice are smaller animals such as hamsters, rabbits, mice and rats. The main components of their diet are seeds or flasks. Their greatest delicacy are vegetables, fruits and leaves of green plants, which can be found on fields or home gardens, such as dandelion and clover .

Quite a popular pets are the birds such as parrots, cockatoos and canaries. Their diet is very similar to the diet of rodents, because they fond of seeds of cereals, fruits and vegetables. They may also be fed with wild plants, but with great caution to not poison them.

Another very popular group of animals that can be easily grown at home, are fish. They should be given a suitably chosen to species food, that contains the right ingredients, the same as they could find in their natural environment. In addition to the dry food many species of fish should be fed with specially selected live food.

Regardless of what pet we have, it is essential to feed them guided by common sense. If you have any doubt, it is better to consult the specialist literature, look for information on the Internet or just ask the veterinarian.