Pedigree dog and its offspring

For many people, it does no matter whether in the pet veins flows the blood of a pure race. In line with changing regulations, dog breeding farms not registered in the Kennel Club will be impossible. For this reason, many people certainly flashed through their head the business idea.

By purchasing our first puppy "with documents", we should begin the exploration of knowledge about cynology - science dedicated to the dogs. Starting breeding activities, we can not forget the primary medical care for our dogs, because even before the first puppy in the house we would need to study a few items about diseases of accompanied breeding the dogs.

The first dog with a pedigree is only half the battle, to comply with the latest regulations. According to the rules of Kennel Assosication pedigree dog must obtain permission to reproduce. Many of us are there now wondering how this is possible and what else is expected from the breeder and the pet. However Kennel Association cares about purity of the breed and demands from breeders additional requirements.

To get permission to breeding your pet, we must pass a series of training, testing, exhibitions and include them in sufficiently high evaluation posed by the Kennel Cub. To allow our female to give birth to puppies having evidence of their origin, it has must meet certain conditions:

1) pupil must be registered in Kennel Association

2) completed 18 months (does not apply to miniature and large head dogs)

3) gain three ratings (excellent or very good) from at least two different judges,

also one of the ratings must be captured during an international or club exhibition

4) in the case of some breeds an additional testing is required, psychological testing, etc.