What to follow when choosing a pet?

Choosing your pet, or your best friend for years together is not easy. At the beginning you must answer yourself with a few questions.

The first is to determine whether we want the animal, which will be able to go out every day, travelling, or even play sports or we prefer a pet that will be waiting for us at home and enjoy our eyes as a beautiful decoration.

The decision of buying a pet should also take into account the parameters of our apartment. Having a house with a large garden, we do not really have the restrictions, but if we live in a small apartment in the block, our decision should be well thought out.

And at this point, another question arises whether our pet will need a lot of exercise, daily walks, and will have a companion to that or it will have to stay at home for long hours of our absence?

If you answered yourself with above questions, you're ready to buy. At the beginning, we are looking for information about pet stores, breeders (if we want to have a pet with pedigree) or shelters, if we want to improve the fate of the animal. Then we visit the pet store where we buy feed, house or shed, leash, den and accessories for maintenance.

Choosing the fish, be sure to match the size of the aquarium to amount of fish that will be living in it, you need filters, proper food. If you have decided on a rat or a mouse, you should obtain suitable aquarium that will be the place of peace in our home. It is worth mentioning that the place (house, den), where our pet is resting should be secluded and calm.

For owners who like the sing of birds who have a place for a large cage it is suggested to choose a canary or parrot, and when it comes to the parrots, they really like to live in pairs and will return the favour of dedicated attention.

For lovers of fur animals who are not allergic, the right decision will also be a buy of a hamster or rabbit, because they do not take much space, and they are good friends of children with who they match the energy.

Probably the most demanding in terms of care and maintenance will be cats and dogs. For the first ones, the most important thing is the place where they live, they are individuals and not always abide by the house rules. But I know from personal experience, that you can not rest better than with a pet lying on our lap and purr. For cat is enough a bowl of milk, good food, such as Whiskas and a box with fresh litter. Certainly it will not despise petting - the more, the better!

Dogs have been regarded for a long time as the best friends of people. They love to run and play with the kids, they are also grateful companions of the elderly and the sick. Apparently, the most loved and devoted to man are those coming from shelters. They return the favour for saving and for better life. Feeding them the appropriate feed, such as Pedigree, will give them a healthy, shiny coat and a balanced diet.

No matter what kind of animal we choose, each must be respected, treated well and taken care of, then you will fully deserve its boundless and selfless love.